# User Guide

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The usage of FastGit is basically relied on git . For common GitHub operations, you can use the command clone like:

git clone https://github.com/author/repo

To use FastGit, you need to change it into:

git clone https://hub.fastgit.org/author/repo

Just like what you see, FastGit is physically a proxy of GitHub, and what you need to do is just replacing the URL.

You can also edit git configurations to take an easier way to use our service.


You will fail to push or to do other operations which need your authorization after you turn FA2 on. (Whatever you use access token as your password) This is caused by the standardization of GitHub.

With the growth of FastGit, we will deploy more resources to support our speed-up service. You can find the list of our nodes in the chapter Nodes.

# The Usage of Web

FastGit also supplies basic supports for the common GitHub Web operations. You can directly access nodes with Web supports.

Due to the safety concerns, we banned sensitive things, like Cookie and Session . That means you are not able to do sensitive operations such as signing in GitHub via FastGit.

# Download Releases or Source Code Archives

For common clone and push operations, FastGit already has provided perfect support. We can use the command below to download releases & source code archives.

# Release
# If your downalod link is: https://github.com/A/A/releases/download/1.0/1.0.tar.gz , then you use:
wget https://download.fastgit.org/A/A/releases/download/1.0/1.0.tar.gz

# Codeload
# If your download link is: https://hub.fastgit.org/A/A/archive/master.zip
# or https://codeload.github.com/A/A/zip/master
wget https://download.fastgit.org/A/A/archive/master.zip

# SSH Clone

We also support SSH clone. Just replace github.com to fastgit.org to enjoy.

Due to some unresistible factors, we are no longer to provide SSH clone service.

# For the Raw Proxy

We also have proxy for https://raw.githubusercontent.com/.
The URL is: https://raw.fastgit.org/.

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