# Term of Service

Effective date: 2 September, 2020

In the following article, the pronoun "we" represents FastGit.

# Basic

All users must comply with all local laws and regulations and are obliged to be familiar with and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, our service is not available to users in the EU, the UK and California, US.

# Privacy

We promise that we will not record any of your private information, including your Cookie and Session . Also, we won't interfere with any of your private projects. For example, you should decide whether to use self-starting for the Release related cache sources.

You should notice that FastGit has no responsibilities to protect your account's security.

For more information, see Privacy Statement section.

# Service Agreement

We do not support any service guarantee such as Service Level Agreement (SLA).

# Abuse

When we detect suspected abuse, we will block your IP access indefinitely.

All of our resources are from the volunteers or other open source projects. Follow the relevant agreements, the copyright of these resources are own by their original authors.

# Violation

If you violate related laws and regulations or this Term of Service, we have the right to make independent judgments and limit or terminate the provision of services to you at any time, and decide whether to recover the services depend on the actual usage. If you violate the above regulations, you shall bear the losses caused to you.

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