# Aids

The following official tools have been built to facilitate the use of FastGit. Please refer to the corresponding project documentation for details.

# fgit

A git helper.

Project Address Main Maintainer
fgit https://github.com/FastGitORG/fgit (opens new window) @xkeyc (opens new window)
fgit-deno https://github.com/FastGitORG/fgit-deno (opens new window) @kidonng (opens new window)
fgit-go https://github.com/FastGitORG/fgit-go (opens new window) @KevinZonda (opens new window)
fgit-nodejs https://github.com/FastGitORG/fgit-nodejs (opens new window) @lihai2333 (opens new window)
fgit-rs https://github.com/FastGitORG/fgit-rs (opens new window) @batkiz (opens new window)
FastGit.Tool.FGit https://github.com/FastGitORG/FastGit.Tool.FGit (opens new window) @Rwing (opens new window)

# FastGit.user.js

The Tampermonkey plugin is used to assist the user.

Project Address Main Maintainer
FastGit.user.js https://gist.github.com/vhxubo/d67fbd5bb3b7308b2e3690ca58e12c12 (opens new window), https://greasyfork.org/zh-CN/scripts/402301-fastgit (opens new window) @vhxubo (opens new window)

# PSFastGet

A Powershell script was used to download GitHub files. This has been replaced by fgit.

Project Address Main Maintainer
PSFastGet https://github.com/FastGitORG/PSFastGet (opens new window) @KevinZonda (opens new window)
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