# Nodes (OUT OF DATE)


This page of document is not updated temporarily. The content is out of date.

All of our nodes are from the sponsors or purchased by ourselve.

# Node List

Node Address ISP Region Web Support Notes
fastgit.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com Microsoft Azure East Asia Yes FastGit Official Node

# Reverse Proxy List

Source Node Address Cache Interval
github.com fastgit.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com hub.fastgit.org N/A
raw.githubusercontent.com fastgit.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com raw.fastgit.org N/A
github.githubassets.com fastgit.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com assets.fastgit.org N/A
customer-stories-feed.github.com fastgit.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com customer-stories-feed.fastgit.org 480 mins

# API and Other Lists

Tag Node Address Cache Interval
Github Download fastgit.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com download.fastgit.org 480 mins
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